2 Real Estate Landing Pages For Getting More Leads – You have these, right? Build them today if not.

Blog Index Tyler Zey 04 Dec 2015 Comments 2 Real Estate Landing Pages For Getting More Leads – You have these, right? Build them today if not. by Tyler Zey

There are many different types of landing pages.  I remember when I first starting building them…and then running Facebook Ads to them.  It’s so daunting at first. You might feel confused or slightly unsure.

I’m going to show you 2 Landing Pages you can setup for yourself today.  They’ll help you feel more confident in your current pages.


leadpagesI recommend setting up all your Landing Pages with Leadpages if you don’t have our LeadSites.


Because they make this dead simple. You have access to hundreds of themes and can have them live in minutes.

I also really think everyone should be using their “Leadboxes.” I won’t be talking about those today. But you see that button above the image? That’s a lead box. Those convert so well on blogs and other content.

If you have our LeadSites, they come with a built in seller landing page. You can see it here.

It’s really the best way to get home valuation leads online!

Here’s a quick peak:

real estate landing page template


Now to the example landing pages:

Real Estate Landing Page #1

Seller Lead Home Evaluation Landing Page

The first type of Leadpages I recommend all Realtors to get is a seller lead page that offers free home evaluations.  To me, this is the most time tested and real way to get leads from your website.  zillow-inc-cl-a-logoDon’t trust just me though, look at Zillow and Trulia.

Zillow tries to give every home in the world a “Zestimate” and Trulia.com/sell is definitely not hiding what it is trying to do…

Offering home valuations is a great way to get leads online.  Here are some ways you can easily set one up:unnamed-2

Step 1) Head over to Leadpages and grab the basic subscription. This will cost about $25/month.

Step 2) Select any of the Templates under the “Opt-In” tab.

real estate landing pages

Step 3) Edit Leadpages templates images and text just like you would in Microsoft Office

Here’s an example of a landing page I’ve used in the past:

There are several things to take note of here


1) The Logos and personalization of the background. You want this to be as local as possible

2) The text is borrowed heavily from Trulia.com/sell

3) You’ll want to include a phone number. People still like to call in sometimes.

leadpages for realtors

The Results:

A landing page like this will typically convert up anywhere from 10-40% of it’s visitors into leads.  You won’t get as high of Opt-In’s as you will get for a piece of content. But the leads will be of higher quality for the most part.

This type of landing page is great for getting leads who are ready to list quickly.

Real Estate Landing Page #2

Buyer Lead “Cheatsheet” Landing Page

In my opinion, free e-books are on their way out.  No one has time to reference a long ebook and it probably won’t help them much because of that. I also have seen a decrease in the percentage of people that Optin for a free ebook.

Lately, a free cheat sheet has been cleaning up when it comes to landing pages!

The good news is that they are even easier to create than an ebook.  Find a pain point for home buyers. This can be something as simple as a “Neighborhood Review Sheet” or “What You NEED To Know.” And make it in Microsoft Word or Pages. Then save it as a PDF.

Next, head over to Leadpages and select “Opt-In” again.

This time, I suggest selecting a short and simple page for this optin. You really don’t want to give them too many distractions!

This template works great for that:

To customize it, simply change all of the E-book language to “cheat sheet” and swap out the logo.

Finally, under integration settings be sure to setup a Lead Magnet. This lead magnet will automatically deliver the Cheatsheet without you having to do anything!

landing page for realtors

Want to see me edit a LeadPage?

Need to know how to get people to your page?

1) Facebook Groups – these groups are an awesome source of traffic!

2) Twitter – Check out this Twitter strategy where you can automatically reply to people interested in real estate now.

3) Facebook Ads – You can setup this ad that looks exactly like Trulia’s currently running.

4) Bing Ads – These ads are more than 1/3 cheaper than Google ads in most networks. You’ll have no problem getting cheap clicks from this network. Learn about Bing Ads for realtors here.

5) Google Adwords – Andrew @ Great Colorado Homes has an awesome guide for those interested in setting up their own adwords campaign here.

6) Print Ad – This Inman post shows great things you can do with print advertising. You can also include a link to your squeeze page on the print ad and really up the effectiveness of your campaign.


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